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wed, sep 14
manchester, uk

thu, sep 15
west street live
sheffield, uk

sun, sep 18
the railway inn
winchester, uk

tues, sep 20
glasgow, uk

The 'Turned Right at Greenland Tour'


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press kit

Summer Rain consists of three young guys – Will McLelland (Guitar, Vocals), Josh Beausoleil (Bass, Vocals), Logan Hale (Drums, Slide Whistle). Taking influence from Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, and Leon Bridges (among many others), their sound captures the ethos of the modern rock greats without forcing a generic sound or image. They are a melting pot of personalities, energetic performances, and melodies made for singing in the shower. They come from the small coastal town of Qualicum Beach where there are more retirement homes than you can shake a denture at. Despite this, their music is youthful, relatable, and maintains the timelessness of classic radio hits.

The band is working very hard on this upcoming release. Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with a lot of comparisons to big names you know and love. You are sure to enjoy it. 

Summer Rain may not be the best band

"Summer Rain are playing the cleanest brand of messy indie rock I think I’ve ever heard before"

Michael Stover, Music Existence

"There’s just more heart in this performance than I’ve gotten from the masses of rock revivalists coming off of both coastlines this past year"

Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music


sun, sep 11
the fleece
bristol, uk

Press Kit
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